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>> a bomb threat from an anne arundel man and how police tracked him down. >> black friday sales are everywhere, even a local animal shelter. what advocates are doing to make adopting a pet easier. >> a student and a driver, a violent wrestling match and it's all caught on tape. >> the fire storm surrounding the incident started today. investigator joce sterman is here now with what the mta is saying about this driver. >> reporter: the driver from the video has been pulled from service after thes in ti fight during yesterday's shift. the video shows her and a young woman throwing things around. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: now the shocking video was posted to youtube.
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mta confirmed the fight happened between a driver and the student. the person who posted the video says it started when the bus driver got angry because the woman was playing her music too loud. mta's spokesman said the driver has been with them since 2003 and they in no way condone a driver fighting with a passenger. the mta is reviewing this footage and others. >> we are also attempting to pull the video from the bus so we can have a full picture of what happened in this circumstance. mta is handling it. once they have a chance to talk to the people involved, will make some determine nation on how to proceed oar now the driver who mta will not identify is off the job, although, owens did not say if she's being paid. this is not the first time we
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caught them engaged in bad behavior. an investigation in may turned up thousands of ticket else caught on tape for the mta speeding and running red lights. you can see that in the investigators section of joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. an anne arundel man is in jail tonight accused of making a bomb threat over skype. >> aaron david white said he -- wyatt made a bomb threat to someone over the internet. police investigated and the bomb turned out to be faifnlgt rarely do they find out about it because of software with skype. >> with technology the way it is, we're finding folks are using the internet, not only anonymous using skype but the person did the right thing by contacting the police department. >> wyatt will remain in jail on
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a $30,000 bond. howard county police are stepping up efforts to find the man who shot the manager at the columbia taco bell. this happened just after midnight on sunday. directs are offering a $2 harks re ward. they spotted gary graham and another employee coming toward them. graham was shot several teams but managed to make it into the restaurant where other employees called 911. he is still in critical condition. if you have any information about the shoght call the police -- shooting, call the police. the man who accused puppeteer kevin clash of having sex with him while he was a minor said it isn't true. clash said he is relieved this allegation has been put to rest. the accuser recanted it.
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clash had taken a leave of absence from sesame street. if you were about out and about today you know we started with freezing rain in some areas. this is what this looked like in towson. >> this is what this looks like right now in bel air. the skies are clear. the road looks pretty dry. >> meteorologist wyatt everhart is standing by from the storm center with a look at what we chan expect. kind of a mixed bag. >> a big day of changing weather. we see fasting -- faster weather pattern. now dry conditions across the state with one exception. the southeastern corner of the state, even salisbury, a little bit of precipitation. winds from the north. it is a chilly wind coming in. wind chill already feeling like 30s across much of the state, including easton where you feel like 39. clear and cold by daybreak and
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brief frost. take about any signs of a warmup later on coming up. now to daniel borowy. the teen was shot in the perry hall high school cafeteria on the first day of school. >> now the young man is focused on giving back. we have more on what's happening tonight and how you can help. >> so far, guys, 50 people have moved through the blood drive here at perry hall high school. the american red cross said one union net of blood can save three lives. we're hear to save lives and celebrate the life of daniel borowy. he was is the and critically injured on the first day of school. joining us is teeingen rice and her father who gave blood. how do you feel?
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>> a little light-headed but happy that i did it because it's done for a good cause. >> reporter: we have seen daniel come here for the blood drive. you said you're hear for another reason. >> my aunt had to have a blood transfusion. so i feel like it's for her, too. >> reporter: your dad wanted to be here for the first time. you said you've been here many times. >> i wanted to be here with my daughter for her first time. >> reporter: you saw the borowy's come through. what do you think? >> i've given a lot of blood. and normally it goes to a nameless person. now it has a real purpose. >> reporter: make sure you drink plenty of fluids tonight.
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>> absolutely. >> reporter: thank you to the rice family. the blood drive goes until 8:00 tonight. again, 50 people have come through but the american red cross is taking walk-ins. i want to add in this blood drive is planned at a great time. so many, not only in maryland but up and down the eastern seaboard were canceled because of superstorm sandy. so it's really important if you have some time to come out here and donate blood. we're live at perry hall. today was a big day for both the johns hopkins kimmels center and the foundation. they handed over a check in the amount of $200,000. it as for research on two gene mutations that have been found in some children with acute my low leukemia also known as aml. >> as long as you stay inspired and driven to do what you do, as
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long as you continue to do the brilliant work -- >> the foundation has also hosted four head shaving events this year, shaving more than 280 heads and raising over $10,000. now more on the david petraeus affair. the department is investigating general john allen, the top american commander in afghanistan for what they're calling potentially inappropriate emails. those emails were with jill kelley, the petraeus family friend who tipped off the fbi about emails she was receiving which was traced back to paula broadwell. broadwell is the woman accused of having an affair with petraeus. allen said he did nothing wrong but his nomination as the next
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allied command are of nato has been put on hold. >> the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country as well as the job he's done in afghanistan. at the request of the secretary of defense, the president has put on hold the position. >> with respect to the initial investigation into petraeus affair, faith -- failed federal -- federal agents spent last night investigating broadwell home. how about expanding your home for a pet in need. we have more on how an anonymous donor is helping a pet find a home in time for thanksgiving. >> reporter: many people don't think of coming to animal cell janeses -- control agencies when
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they're looking to adopt. >> reporter: an anonymous donor in anne arundel county has said it would pay for all the adoption fees from now until saturday. that's right you can have all of these county cats for free. as you can see, he has found a new best friend in maggie. >> people should realize, home sweet home. some people don't think about it until something like this comes up. >> reporter: she just came in today because she was thinking about adopting a dog. she was surprised to hear about the deal. >> really? wow. i came at a perfect time. >> reporter: to adopt a going or cat it usually ranges from $26 to $56. but can you really put a cost on this?
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>> we're hoping this will encourage people to adopt. they would love to home for thanksgiving oar if you're thinking about adopting, you don't have to stop at one, two or three. you can do as many as you want because he didn't put a limit on how many adoptions he would pay for. >> the newsroom is empty right now. they're going to anne arundel county. free adoptions start today and go until saturday. this is getting over the top. first it was black friday with stores competing for shoppers. this year the competition for your holiday dollars is more fierce than ever. which stores are offering deals even about the thanksgiving day parade. before you spend your shopping list, you might want to find out how much it will cost to travel
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this aaa -- this thanksgiving. what aaa is predicting.
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what do you say we go to dundalk. go over to squires and get a little pepperoni pizza pie. here we go. i would yacht will have a detailed look at -- wyatt will have a detailed lock -- look at your forecast. >> if you get up early on friday morning, you may be 24 hours late. kmart is offering door buster
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sales at 6:00 in the morning thursday, before friday. the retailer plans to close at 4:00 in the afternoon before reopening at 8:00 that night and will close again at 3:00 in the morning to reopen two hours later. it's a move toward black friday that has drawn criticism from traditional thanksgiving folks. >> this is just an enhancement, i look at it, to give more opportunities for shoppers hop want top shop different times of the day and night. >> enjoy your family. have it the next day. >> others like sears, walmart and target will open thursday evening. some will follow up black friday with saturday door buster sales. >> first, it was walmart and target. now seer -- sears it upping the ante. sears is planning to release their holiday deals this sunday. that's five days before the
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competition. in this case the earliest deals will only be available for sears shop your way members. >> here's my favorite story coming up on thanksgiving. how many will be out there. here comes aaa. it may have you rethinking your plans. aaa says 43.6 million people will be out there. what did they say last year? >> i don't know. >> i think it was like 43.6 million again. average spending is expected to drop $56 but that isn't true for people making last-minute plans. >> if you haven't booked your holiday travel, for thanksgiving weekend you may be out of luck with just a week until the holidays. those few seats that are left are certainly going to be at a premium. >> it's ghopg to be crowd -- going to be crowded. one thing that hasn't changed,
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the day before thanksgiving and the sunday and monday after will be the busiest days. is your spot for the latest travel news. just head to our traffic tab and you can see the cameras on all the roads leading in and out of town this holiday season. the maryland department of health and hygiene issued their breast feeding recommendations. they have the top new recommendations. they want all hospitals to maintain a written breast feeding policy. train their staff to put it into practice and stop giving any pacifiers or artificial nipples to breast feeding infants and recommending lots of breast feeding support and referring mothers to support groups for after they are discharged. >> we see lots of moms or committed while they're pregnant to breast feeding but after
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delivery, after they get home, the rates of sustained breast feeding are far, far lower from what you would think from their earlier commitment. >> no hospital is required to put the recommendations into practice but the department of health would like to see as many of them implemented as possible. start off with maryland's most powerful radar. the precipitation in the southeastern portion of the state. otherwise, we're dry, dry with the breezes beginning to peck up, no question about that. rain totals in the wake of the showers across the state into the early afternoon on the shore. around a fifth of an inch east of the chesapeake. half earn in towson, bowie, rockville. totals over a quarter of an inch. decent rain this morning. the wind gusts were up at times
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around 30, a few to 40. we see sustained winds around 5 to 10. in ballet 44. temperatures dropping pretty quickly on that northwesterly wind after an early sunset tonight. we had the clouds early, then the sun break out. this is a look at calvin rod del elementary. you can see conditions nice and sunny. same deal on towson. early. temperatures will continue to drop tonight on that strong northwesterly flow. yes, the winds diminishing. enough to put that wind chill factor down. places like frederick, york, eastern. the chill will overspretd area. the core of this cold air will settle in overnight into the day. tomorrow will be a struggle to get into the 40s. and than slight improvement perhaps has we go into thursday. -- as we go into thursday. temperature cost get into the
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fist -- into the 50s. high pressure in control. that will mean yes a little bit of a wind tonight. tomorrow is the coldest air. by thursday the coldest air will shift further north. high pressure will be on the south side. warmer weather beginning thursday into friday. tonight 32, clear and colder. mostly sunny tomorrow. 50, your two-degree guarantee. tomorrow down to 30, clear skies. here's a look at the next knew days by friday. maryland's most accurate forecast shows mild conditions lasting into saturday. we'll bring in another threat for showers late sunday into monday. that could also drop temperatures for those two days. for now 50s will be the theme. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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before we go, we are minutes away from finding out on whether buck showalter will be named the manager of the year. the oriolesno carrierringconnec0
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